I Did Some Christmas Baking - Did I Nail It or Fail It?

My 2 best friends, Allison and Sarah, and I have a Christmas tradition that we've done for 3 years now. We get together and have a baking day! We all pick 1 or 2 things to make and spend the afternoon in the kitchen. (sometimes some wine is involved, too   )

Yesterday was Baking Day 2k18 and we had so much fun!

Here are the things I found on Pinterest that I wanted to make - 

1st were the reindeer peanut butter cookies! They looked super simple, right?

2nd  were the snowman Oreo balls, everyone loves Oreo balls and there's only a few ingredients. I couldn't mess it up, right?

We got our baking on and I thought yeah these will both be great! I put the peanut butter cookies in the oven after mixing all of the ingredients, but when they came out. it was practically one big cookie! 

Whoops! They all ran together, so I took a spatula and tried to separate them. Then I put in the nose, eyes, and antlers. They actually turned out pretty cute!


Now on to the Oreo Balls...these were a little more difficult, because when I tried to coat the balls in white chocolate they kept trying to fall apart! But I covered them as best as I could. Once the chocolate hardened I went on to decorate and add their mini Oreo hats!

Here was my end result!     Nailed it?

I don't know how they get the Oreo balls to look so perfect in the Pinterest pictures, because mine look like sad, half-melted, dirty snowmen.   

So, how did I do? And remember I've never claimed to be a baker, so be nice!

What are your favorite things to bake during the holidays?



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