Bike Share ICT Is Growing Around Wichita!

posted by Whitney - 

If you haven't tried out the ICT Bike Share downtown, you're missing out!

You rent a bike for $3/hour, or you can get an annual membership for $30, then scan which bike you're using on your smartphone, and you are free to ride the bike wherever you'd like around town. 

Currently, there are around 100 bikes around Wichita, but soon they will be adding another 100 and adding 24 new locations including Wichita State University, Clifton Square, OJ Watson Park, Sedgwick County Zoo, and Central Riverside. 

Mayor Jeff Longwell said, " I love seeing more and more people riding bikes, and I hope the success of this program will continue to spread the love for biking in our community."

The city has also been adding many bike lanes to streets around town to make our roads more bike-friendly.

So, look out for new bikes and give them a test-drive on a nice day! It's always nice to discover new parts of your hometown.

Get biking, ICT!

Read more about the expansion of the Bike Share ICT program here.



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