You Can Bid On Items From "The Office"!

posted by Whitney - 

If you don't like The Office, well you're wrong, just wrong.

It's the best TV Show of our generation, hands down. It never fails that every time I'm scrolling through Netflix trying to find something to watch, I end up re-watching The Office for the 400th time, and I have no shame!

Well, if you're as obsessed with The Office as I am, you can now bid on actual items from the show. 

They have everything from Michael's neon beer sign, Jim's sales desk, Meredith's shot glasses, Stanley's puzzle books, and so much more!

Bids are running pretty high for more popular items such as the neon sign, and desks, but there are some items you can bid on for around $100.

This is probably the coolest thing ever, you can own a piece of "The Office"!

Check out all of the items and make your bids here



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