Taylor Swift - Reputation Stadium Tour KC - 9/8/2018

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That's honestly the best way to describe Taylor Swift's reputation Stadium Tour this past Saturday night. 

I've been a huge fan (a Swiftie) for many years now, so I knew it would blow me away, but it was everything I could have expected and more!

The stage was HUGE (13 stories tall to be exact). It's the largest touring stage in the world. They employee 210 crew members who travel with the tour to each city and then 300 local crew members in each city. So there are over 500 people for each city whose job is solely to get the stage put together and torn down correctly.

It takes seven 747 planes to hold all of the stage pieces and fly it from city to city, and then 67 18-wheeler semis to carry the pieces from wherever the planes land to the stadium itself. 

Hopefully, that gives you an idea of how truly massive the production was. 

I had the time of my life (fighting dragons with you, haha, had to throw that in) Saturday night. I saw so many of my Swiftie friends, and even got to meet Taylor and got a backstage tour from her mom, Andrea!

The show started off with the first track from "reputation". ...Ready For It? which is a very high-energy way to start a show and get everybody truly ready for it! She played a majority of the songs from her latest album "reputation",  but she did sprinkle in some throwbacks.

After a few songs on the main stage, she traveled to the back B-stage to perform some acoustic songs. There she did Shake It Off, King of My Heart, and the surprise song was "The Story of Us", which she hadn't performed live since the Speak Now World Tour in 2012!

She then traveled to the 2nd B Stage and did a few more songs before making her way back to the main stage to start the big finale!

The stadium was so packed, she even broke the all-time attendance record for a concert at the stadium with 58,611 in attendance Saturday night. 

The show was so amazing! Here are some of my photos and videos and be sure to share with your friends/family!



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