Local Wichita Teens Rap About Pistotnik's Green Lambo

posted by Whitney - 

So remember those guys who rapped about QuikTrip and how amazing it is?

Well, they're at it again, but this time they rapped with/about Brad Pistotnik's green Lamborghini.

Here's how it went down, Max James and Blake Draper were contacted by Pistotnik's wife about wanting them to be in a music video for her daughter, Joanna Michelle. They gladly were, and then jokingly asked if they could do a video with the Lambo...they had zero intention of her actually saying yes. But she did! They're joined by Caleb Carnell (who made the beat) and Joe Brack in the video. 

Check it out! 

Here's their original QT video that made them Social Media famous!



Posted by Maximum Pierce James on Monday, January 1, 2018


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