How To Prepare For Taylor Swift's Reputation Tour In KC

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...Are you ready for it?

In just 16 days, on September 8th, Taylor Swift will be in Kansas City for her reputation Stadium Tour. 

Make sure you're getting your outfit, merch, ride, money, and signs ready! It'll be here before you know it!

While I was getting my stuff ready for the show I thought it'd be a good idea to make a blog about the do's and don'ts on what to take and not take into Arrowhead Stadium and just some other good to know facts to make your day go as smooth as possible! If you haven't purchased your tickets yet, there are still a few available, get them here!

First, let's start with your outfit!

You can dress up like these girls!

Or you can be a little more subdued in some merch or just a cute outfit! Wear whatever you feel comfortable in and want to wear! You do you! 

Here's my outfit for the show, if you see me say "hi!" I'll be in section Floor A, Row 13!!

If you're needing more merch, or want that one thing to complete your outfit, you still have time to purchase something from Taylor's online store and have it shipped in time! I personally love the snake rings and the sunglasses! Check out all of her amazing merch here!

Next, let's get into what's allowed in the stadium! For bags, they have to be clear bags, or at least smaller than 4.5″ x 6.5″ if they're not clear. On Taylor's online store, she even has a clear bag that fits the stadium guidelines you can purchase for just $15! Get it here. Below is a photo of some examples of what's allowed.

And remember that everything is subject to inspection! It may seem annoying, but they're just trying to keep everyone as safe as possible!

Signs are allowed, but they must be 3'x5' or smaller! No big signs, folk!

Now let's get into parking/transportation:

The gates to the parking lot will open at 2 pm, so plan accordingly. There will be thousands of people there all trying to get in as quickly as possible. So arrive early! You can always hang out and tailgate until the show starts (more about tailgating below). 

The gates to the stadium will open by 6:00 pm at the latest (I'm guessing that with the larget turnout expected, they may even open them at 5:30 pm).

The show is set to start at 7:00 pm with Charli XCX and Camila Cabello as the opening acts before Taylor takes the stage. 

If someone is dropping you off, you'll have the smoothest time getting to the stadium. Arrowhead has a special drop off/ pickup lane! 

If you're driving and will be parking in Arrowhead Stadium, then you'll need to purchase a parking pass for $30 through Arrowhead Stadium. You can purchase them in advance and they are a mobile pass, purchase them here

I know there are a few tailgate parties planned for the day of the show, which is totally acceptable, but still has some rules and guidelines. Here's the Instagram page all about the KC Taylgate.

Here's a great example that Arrowhead has on their website to keep in mind for tailgating (or as it's being called for this show, "taylgating"). 

Next, you need to get your playlist ready for the few days leading up to the show, and of course for the taylgate! You can listen to all of Taylor's music (you never know what surprise song she'll break out for our KC show!) for free on iHeartRadio! 

Then, it's pretty much show time! Get into the stadium, buy any merch you want from the stands, and maybe a drink or some food, and prepare to have your minds blown! The show will be high energy and the most fun you've ever had! I can't wait to experience the reputation Stadium Tour! 

If you have any other tips or tricks you'd like me to add, feel free to tweet them to me @whit_midd!

Baby, let the games begin!



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