Nicki Minaj Mentions Wichita In Her New Album, But What Does It Mean?

posted by Whitney - 

Nicki Minaj surprised everyone last night when she dropped her album "Queen" one week earlier than expected. It seems as a lot of the album is her going at other rappers (maybe Cardi B?) saying that she's the queen. But not only was the early release a surprise, but when listening to track 9, "Chun Swae" she name drops Wichita! However, we're not sure if it's a good reason or a bad.

The lyrics go as follows:

“Every time I score, she gon’ hear them swishes, ah”

“Tell that b**** I’m in the lead, she still play for Wichita.”

What I don't understand is Wichita is good at does she mean performance wise? Because Wichita is a smaller city?

I'm not sure we'll ever know, but it's at least cool she thought of our town's name for her new song!

Check it out!



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