Nicki Minaj Mentions Wichita In Her New Album, But What Does It Mean?

Nicki Minaj surprised everyone last night when she dropped her album "Queen" one week earlier than expected. It seems as a lot of the album is her going at other rappers (maybe Cardi B?) saying that she's the queen. But not only was the early release a surprise, but when listening to track 9, "Chun Swae" she name drops Wichita! However, we're not sure if it's a good reason or a bad.

The lyrics go as follows:

“Every time I score, she gon’ hear them swishes, ah”

“Tell that b**** I’m in the lead, she still play for Wichita.”

What I don't understand is Wichita is good at does she mean performance wise? Because Wichita is a smaller city?

I'm not sure we'll ever know, but it's at least cool she thought of our town's name for her new song!

Check it out!



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