Spangles Employees In El Dorado Return Lost Purse With $7,000 In It

Last week, a woman stopped at Spangles in El Dorado for lunch and accidentally left behind her purse. This seems to happen all of the time. But the employees found something unusual in it, $7,000 in cash. Later they received a call saying their relative left their purse somewhere and they were frantically searching for it. The woman came back to the store to get her purse and was ecstatic to realize her envelope of seventy $100 bills were all still there. The woman said she was on her way to buy a vehicle with the cash. They were so happy and thankful for the employees for holding on to their purse and not letting anyone take any cash that they gave the manager two $100 bills, which the manager then used to throw a pizza party for the employees. 

Rene Steven of Spangles later posted the story on her Facebook, praising the employees and management for doing the right thing and returning all of the cash to its rightful owner.

Would you return all of the cash if you found $7,000?

Read more about the story here.



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