"Pay Your Age" at Hurts Donuts in Wichita

Hurts Donut

Last week the popular stuffed animal chain Build-A-Bear attempted a pay-your-age day. Customers would pay their age in dollars for whatever stuffed animal they wanted to make. 

However, it backfired causing many locations to close down early and many malls angry with extremely long lines of people waiting for the deal.

Here in Wichita, the line went all the way outside of Towne East!

People, it was hot, don't make your kids sit outside all day for a bear! C'mon now!

Read more about the Build-A-Bear fiasco here

BUT, Hurts Donuts had a great way to remedy everyone's pain... donuts!!

Tuesday, July 17th from 9am-9pm you can pay-your-age in cents for a classic sprinkled donut (pictured above).

I got mine around 2pm and there were only a few people in line. It seemed like they had plenty of trays ready for people to pay their age for their donuts. They had white cake, chocolate cake, and pumpkin cake to choose from. But I, of course, can't just get one donut. So I also got a German Chocolate donut, yum!!

Hurry and get to your nearest Hurts Donut to pay your age before 9pm!



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