Is Wichita Finally Getting a Dave & Busters?!


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I've been saying for years that Wichita needed a Dave & Busters! The only place adults can go to have as much fun as kids do at Chuck E Cheese is All Star Sports & Adventures. Which don't get me wrong, those places are fun (in fact I was there this weekend and got my arcade game on) but it'd be nice to have a place that's, for the most part, kid free!

For those of you who don't know, (which...have you been living under a rock?) Dave & Busters is a restaurant and bar that also has arcade games. It's a place for adults to enjoy games and some clean, competitive fun like the kids do!

D&B has been in the talks to go up at K96 & Greenwich for years, but now it seems there may actually be a deal on the table!

There also may be some deals for a Duluth Trading Co to go in at K96 and Greenwich as well and a Chico's on the west side at New Market Square.

Read more about the possible deals from the Wichita Eagle here


photo: Getty Images



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