Is IHOP Changing It's Name To IHOb?


photo: Getty Images

Alright, folks, there's some trouble on the internet today... IHOP (International House of Pancakes) tweeted a short video that shows the "p" flipping upside down to become a "b" with the caption that they're changing their name to IHOb...but they won't tell us what the "b" stands for, until June 11th. 

The internet is OUTRAGED! It's been IHOP for 60 years and now all of a sudden it's changing?!?! 

What the heck IHOP?


People are, of course, trying to figure out what the "b" could stand for, while most are guessing "breakfast".

I guess we'll have to wait to truly find out...but here are some of my favorite guesses from Twitter.



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