Meet Kansas' First Pit Bull Police Dog, Kano

Kano The Police Dog

photo via Stafford Police Department Facebook

This is the best doggo in the state!

Pit bulls get a bad rap, but they're some of the best dogs I've ever met (well, except for my two fur-babies, of course)!

Meet Kano, the first pit bull police dog in the state of Kansas. He is a part of the Stafford Police Department in Stafford, Kansas. 

He even made his first drug bust this week! 

According to the Police Department's Facebook post, Kano was named after the Mortal Kombat character due to his coloring and patching.

“Kano and I plan to get out there and help try to change the bad name that so many have given the Pit Bull,” said Kano's handler Officer Mason Paden. 

Excuse me while I wipe these tears from my eyes. Dogs are too good for this world, and Kano deserves nothing but the best wishes in his new title!



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