Doritos For Her...Really?

Food companies are always trying to be innovative and think of new products, but this latest one seemed absolutely ridiculous until we found out the truth.

The PepsiCo CEO has recently said in an interview most females don't like the crunch and don't lick their fingers after eating Doritos like men do. 

All I have to say is, HAS SHE EVER SEEN ME EAT DORITOS?! 

Because I'm all about the crunch, and I don't care who you are, but when you've eaten some awesome, cheesy Doritos, you lick your dang fingers. You DO NOT let that go to waste.


Many people thought they were really working on "female friendly" Doritos, but apparently, she was on a podcast and talking about the differences in genders and how they eat Doritos and their snacking habits. 

It later came out, that they are not really working on new Doritos for women.

Thank goodness, because this would have been totally ridiculous.

Now just leave me to eat my delicious, cheesy Doritos in peace.



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