Find Your Museum Portrait Look-Alike

If you haven't found your Google Arts & Culture portrait look-alike yet, then you're missing out!

Just download the free Google Arts & Culture app, then scroll down until you see the "get started" button.

Then just snap a selfie and let the app do its work!

It finds a portrait from museums all over the world that looks most like you. It will even give you all of the details of the portrait including the subject, artist, year it was made and where it's located in the world.

Of course, I gave in and had to take part and check out my results, I think I look just like her!

Google Arts & Culture look-alike

I did this twice and got the same portrait each time. It's a portrait of Madame Geoffrin. It's located in the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum.

Now I want to go to Tokyo just to take a selfie with my doppelganger!

What portrait did you get? Let me know on Twitter @channel963 or @whit_midd!!



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