Was Ed Sheeran Snubbed By The Grammys?


Grammy nominations were announced yesterday and many people were quick to point out that some artists seemed to get snubbed.


Fans of Ed Sheeran (2 nods), Katy Perry (0 nods), Lady Gaga (2 nods), Demi Lovato (0 nods) and The Weeknd (1 nod), just to name a few, seemed that their faves got left out of awards they deserved to be nominated for.

Th biggest one seemed to be with Ed Sheeran. While he did get two nominations for Best Pop Vocal Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album, he was completely shut out of the Record and Album Of The Year categories. 

What do you think? Was your fave snubbed?

You can watch the 60th Annual Grammy's on CBS on January 28

See the full list of nominees by clicking here and listen to Ed Sheeran radio on iHeartRadio below. 



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