The New Taylor Era Is Upon Us, But What Does It Mean?

I DIED TODAY WHEN TAYLOR SWIFT FINALLY ANNOUNCED HER ALBUM TITLE. Reputation, the 6th studio album from Taylor Swift, will be out November 10th. The lead single will be released Thursday, August 24th. 

Ok, I know I'm a little crazy when it comes to T-Swift, but she's my girl, so bear with me. 

Last Friday when her social media went dark, we all knew something was happening, but nothing could prepare us for the genius that I'm assuming we are about to get. 

I decided to break down what I think this new "Reputation" era means for Taylor and her fans. 

The difference between Shake It Off and whatever Reputation has in store--

With Shake It Off, she was like "Yeah you guys all take crap about me, but haha oh well, I'm a good person and I'm just going to ignore and go on with my happy life."

With this new Reputation era, it seems like she's saying "Yeah you guys want to continue to paint me as the bad guy in everything I do? You want to call me a snake? Then yeah, I'm a snake. I'm going to shed everything that is bad and doesn't fit in my life, including you, and I'm going to start over. This is the new me, and watch out because I've been the good girl my whole life, but now the fangs are out and you don't want to mess with me."

I cannot wait to see what this new music sounds like. I'm so proud of this woman and everything she's endured and overcome in her life. This is the new Taylor. 



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