Ryan Seacrest Reveals His Sleep ‘Ceremony'

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Do you have a sleep “ceremony”? Ryan Seacrest does! Seacrest revealed his bedtime ritual much to Sisanie and Tanya Rad’s amusement while talking about his future protest for fun holidays, like Cinco de Mayo, falling on a weekday.

“I learned later in life you have to wind yourself down,” Seacrest prefaced before revealing he has an entire process when it comes to sleep. “… I have a real legit schedule even for like getting to bed. My ‘ceremony.’ I put my sleep shirt on and like my incense. … You’ve got to turn your brain off.”

Seacrest furthered that he has a whole situation. For example, his “sleep pillow” is a different pillow case than his regular pillows.

“This happens at 9 p.m. — starts at 9 and show closes at 10,” he jokingly concluded.

For the record, having a sleep “ceremony” has a positive impact on your health, experts share. Lauren Roxburgh shared with Goop that to wind down and cultivate better sleep, people should create a relaxing sleep environment with an organized room and bed, get off their devices and screens at least one hour before winding down and try not to eat after 7:30 p.m. Aromatherapy, writing in a journal and herbal baths are also a few pro tips.

Listen back to the on-air moment in the audio above to hear more, including Sisanie and Tanya’s reaction 😂

(Photo credit: @ryanseacrest Instagram)

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