Join Sisanie In Setting Intentions, Not Resolutions, for 2020! Watch

Did you set a New Year’s resolution? In the latest episode of Off-Air With Sisanie, Sis explains that instead of a “resolution” she’s setting intentions for 2020.

Being a mom of two under two, Sisanie has her hands full and when she realized that she hadn’t used nearly any of the pilates class package she’d bought at the beginning of the year, it was time to take back control!

“The last two years haven’t been about me per se because I got pregnant in 2017. I had the babies in 2018 and 2019 I was just trying to figure it all out and you know what? 2020 it’s going to be about me,” Sisanie shares in the latest episode above. “I’m going to be a little more selfish in a very positive way … I’m going to do more things for myself.”

Sisanie — who had a “Sisanie epiphany"! — added that it’s been all about the babies routine and their schedule so much so that she failed to set aside her own.

So what’s she going to do? Watch back the episode above to find out and share your #momlife tips on social @OnAirWithRyan!

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