Sam Smith Met Lizzo & The Reaction Is A Pure Fan-Girl Moment


Remember one of your most favorite fan-girl experiences, like a moment where you literally lost your cool. Well, that just happened to Sam Smith! Yup, HUGE pop-stars get starstruck too. Sam recently shared SUCH a moment with Lizzo.

He posted a photo and captioned it, "So truly happy I got to meet @lizzobeeating the other day. Her show was out of this world!! Made me feel so high on life!! She is the one. Can’t wait to watch you continue to take over the world gorgeous xx."

Honestly, SO cool. I totally get this feeling. I've had many fan-girl moments, but one of my faves was meeting Shakira. I literally had verbal diarrhea, I for sure blacked out and don't even remember.

Now can Sam and Lizzo EPIC would that be?! 🤩


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