Ryan Finds Out How Instagram Influencers Vacation Daily and Still Get Paid

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Ever find yourself scrolling through Instagram and getting annoyed, jealous or downright depressed that you’re not also on a beach with a crisp glass of rosé and perfect six-pack abs?! Well, so does Ryan

After venting about his social media FOMO, Ryan got down to the bottom of how influencers pay their rent whilst also living their best lives, usually always not in much clothing, on the back of an exotic animal or in some stunning body of water, by chatting with bloggers Andrew Wise (@lifetailored) and Jac Vanek (@jacvanek).

Andrew shared that he started out by being paid by certain companies and restaurants to dine and review their restaurants. He had just moved to NYC and was broke, looking for extra income while also working his normal job. 

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Jac also uses the platform for extra income. She’s also part of a successful and highly entertaining podcast called the LadyGangwhich has since become a forthcoming show on E!

Leaving my heart on the North Shore. 💔 Never been so sad to come home from a trip ever in my life. I’ll see you soon, Oahu. You are my happy place. 🌴💋💕☀️💦🤙🏻

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If you really wanna know where you can find me, I’ll be unwinding down in the islands. ☀️💦💕🍍🌴

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“I work for myself so I can kind of work anywhere which is nice,” Jac explained. “So I went to Hawaii last month and I could work while I was there in a bathing suit, drinking an aperol spritz on the beach.” 

Jac joked to Ryan that now with a TV show on the horizon she’s “landlocked” in LA and can’t travel to her next destination to get that shot, which, honestly, we love her for. (Did we mention that their show will also be produced by all female producers? Props 🙌🏻)

Listen back to both interviews above and don’t feel bad next time you get major FOMO on the gram because we do too. 

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