P!NK Reveals A Love Letter And 'A Lot of Wine' Led To New Eminem Collab

P!NK sat down with UK TV to chat about her anticipated collabo with legendary rapper Eminem on a track called "Revenge" from her upcoming album Beautiful Trauma, due out on Friday (October 13). The interviewer started out the convo by acknowledging that it's impressive how long the singer has been able to keep the song a secret, with P!NK jumping in right away to answer to obvious question on his mind. 

"I reached out to him in this case," P!NK said. "I love him. I've always loved him. I think he's a lyrical genius, and I just wrote him a love letter. I had written this song. I had went to the studio and drank a lot of wine, I wrote 'Revenge.' 

"And then, I went home and drank more wine because that's what you do when you've already drank a lot of wine -- you think more wine is a good idea -- and I wrote him an email and I said, 'I love you. I've always loved you. I've loved you since you gave me your autograph at the 2001 MTV Music Video Awards. I love that you always work with the same people.' I just wrote this love letter, and he just wrote back, 'OK.'" 

As for the song itself, P!NK said, "it's a funny song. It's funny. It's fun. There's nothing serious about it. It's fun. My mom loves it. We're good." 

Watch P!NK explain it herself in the clip below.

Eminem made noise on Tuesday (October 10) when during the night's BET Hip Hop Awards, the slashing lyricist unleashed a freestyle, "The Storm," that took vicious aim at Pres. Trump -- referencing Colin Kaepernick and the continued NFL protests about racial injustice as well as Trump's focusing on that instead of tragedies such as "Puerto Rico or gun reform for Nevada." 

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