New Food Trend Mexican Sushi Possibly Coming to Wichita

Mexican Sushi has been around since about 2009, but it is today, 8/4/2020 that I am learning of its existence. Now that I know it exists I'm obsessed.

Wichita has only 1 place to get it, but as of now they are not selling.

Sushi Camaroncito Loco was created by Gambino Barrera, his mom, Leticia Cinceros, his sister Gladys, his aunt Ruby, and cousins Michelle and Jose.

As of now the family is running the operation from their home and regularly sell out of the fusion creations.

As of now Sushi Camaroncito Loco offers just two rolls. And unlike traditional Japanese sushi, Mexican sushi uses fully cooked ingredients like carne asada and shrimp.

The rolls are constructed using traditional Japanese rice, seaweed, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, and then fried to golden perfection.

It's undeniable that there is no place like Sushi Camaroncito Loco in town.

While the family is not selling rolls today, they are working on acquiring a building to set up a traditional restaurant.

I can't wait.