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Why You Should Know Maggie Rogers

Why Maggie Rogers will soon become the next big thing in music. 

The infectious vocals in the indie folk pop singer/songwriter, are something you can never forget. Her music has even put legend Pharrell Williams to tears with him talking about how nothing was wrong with the song and that “This is like a drug to me”.

As you listen to Maggie Rogers there is one thing for certain that sticks out, the music is raw and real. She is like a siren for the emotions that we all feel but are unable to express with words. Not only does she say it, but she sings it. 

Maggie Rogers Bio:

“I'm a songwriter, producer, and performer from Brooklyn. I'm an optimist. I'm a feminist. I'm loud when I laugh. I'm freckled. I love my old jeans. I love pink eye shadow. I cry when I dance sometimes. I feel a lot, maybe too much, but in a song, it always seems to be just enough.”

When I first heard her track “Light On”, everything began to click. It triggered the moment where everything on my playlist seemed to synchronize to how I was feeling and it felt as though the world in that moment was perfect. Check it out in her music video.

Her new album “Heard It In A Past Life” is not only one of those dark edgy cool titles that made the young kids back in 2008 think they’re cool as they changed the tone of their voice when they said their favorite book was “Twilight” or “Breaking Dawn”, but it’s an album that is filled with raw & real emotion. In 2014 when Rogers released her first album “ Blood Ballet ”, The light On singer says  “Blood Ballet is a collection of, ‘…the songs I write in my bedroom as a sort of closure.” It is clear that hasn’t changed much with Rogers because not only does she seem to express herself in every song, but as she sings you can see that she is really feeling the song that she has wrote. Call it a show, but I call it authenticity. Check it out for yourself! The video below is her performance of her track "Burning" off her new album.

In her bio on her website, Rogers Says, “I love the music most when it makes me feel human .” When the song is relatable because it reflects the life you live, proving that we are all so much more alike than we are different. Which is why, I think it’s so easy for anybody to fall in love with her music.

“When it's real, it raises hair and makes the air taste sweeter.” - Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers, is paving a new wave of authenticity for the music industry, through her ability of being able to effectively turn emotions into words. As content becomes king of the digital and marketing space, I firmly believe that songs that reflect the emotions the band/artist is really feeling in that moment will break the mold. Ariana Grande's track Thank U, Next blew up to #1 quickly because it was real. The song was about her and many of us especially those who's hearts have been broken more than once, in that moment were able to relate to her. The same goes for many Rap legends like Tupac, who's song Dear Mama is highly revered because it is a song to his mom, but many young black men & women were able to relate to that track.

“I can't promise I won't change or that I won't fall in love with new people or ideas that'll change the way I see the world, but I can promise to be me.

To be messy. To be flawed.

To be honest. To be open.

To be human.” - Maggie Rogers

Check out Maggie Rogers New Album “Heard It In A Past Life” Now on the iHeartRadio App.

If you think I just compared Ariana Grande and Tupac, you're wrong! What I did was explain how songs about real sh*t, have a tendency to be better & do better, in my opinion.

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