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Another Ghost Busters But No Danny Phantom

Photo Courtesy of Steven Ray Brown 2011

Reboots/Sequel seem to be a Hollywood cash grab for a quick profit. The story has already been made and told once before, and rather than creating their own story or giving lesser known properties a chance to gain traction, they hope that with an all-star cast and the right amount of CGI, a newer audience will appreciate it like the older generation. 

Truth be told, I never got into ghost busters. The song gave me nightmares because I was afraid of ghost. Still am...but that's a story for a different day. 

The 2016 ghost buster reboot featuring and all female cast was...something. For what its worth, the actors did a great job. Did you like it? 

Yet once again, Hollywood decides to create another Ghost Busters being a sequel to the original movie, this time under the director, Jason Reitman (Juno, Up In The Air, Jennifer's body). 

The comedy potential for the show is there, especially under Reitman's direction but this just brings me back to the reason why you clicked this article. WHY THE HELL IS HOLLYWOOD NOT MAKING A LIVE ACTION DANNY PHANTOM! If you think we all love ghost hunting and comedy so much, you'd think that would be the best option, but NO!!! You decide to push an old, outdated, series onto us expecting the younger generation to just go out and watch it, and enjoy. Nah homie, I want to see a kid become a ghost and fight off other ghost, learning his parents are ghost hunters and has to hide he is who one of the creatures they hate the most. But your response is.....

"Blasphemy, that is unacceptable. A dignified comedy about grown adult men/women wearing vacuum cleaners to suck up monsters with clever banter and a cool logo is far better than that atrocity of a child of ghost hunters.   

The creator of Danny Phantom and Fairly Odd Parents Butch Hartman spoke on his podcast that he actually has a LIVE ACTION script already written for Danny Phantom. 

Butch Hartman even gave us a story rundown of how he wants to continue Danny's story and the universe. Earlier last year he posted a video of him brainstorming a Danny Phantom, the college years! 

Now I might be the biggest hypocrite because I was stoked for the live action power rangers movie, but like ghost busters was rebooted for a new generation. It did great in the US but flopped internationally, sadly. 

These older franchises like Ghostbusters, Ace Ventura, Charlie's Angels, etc. are all great for their era and are very nostalgic. They just don't need to be rebooted again, and again. Original ideas are out there and like the gamble that was taken on those stories being turned into films in the 80s, Studio's should be willing to take that same risk on these others, as well. 

I started a change.org petition if you agree with me and want Hollywood to create a live action Danny Phantom let's make it happen together! 

Sign Petition Here! https://goo.gl/6e7pMX

This is me doing a mini rant because I really want a live action Danny Phantom and we haven't gotten it yet and it makes me grumpy. I will be clear in saying, I love do some quality reboots, spinoffs and sequels. Sometimes there is purpose to it and that excites me. Lizzie Mcguire is one in particular I want to see. I would love to see more live action anime adaptations that are based in other parts of the world and not just japan. Attack on Titan, Blood Blockade Battefront, Cowboy Bebop, etc. Who knows what will happen, but the future is a bright one. 

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