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The Let Me Down Slowly singer, Alec Benjamin has released a new version of his single that features, Trust My Lonely, singer/songwriter Alessia Cara. 

In an interview with Billboard, Benjamin describes the meaning of his song. 

“I wanted to talk about one moment where I felt especially vulnerable, which is something I don't think a lot of people talk about,”   

With vulnerability being the a theme of the track, its no wonder he would choose to work with Alessia Cara. Check out the track right here.

Alec Benjamin, recently appeared on the Late Late Show on Monday (Jan. 7th) and performed Let Me Down Slowly, without Alessia Cara. However he still blew it out the water. At the end of last year, Benjamin released his mixtape, Narrated For You. 

The artist has recently been opening up on social media about what he has been going through. 

Personally, I am in love with this new version. Adding Alessia Cara to anything, especially an emotional track like this one, will always make it better!

What do you think of the new track? 

Do you see it topping the charts?  

Let me know on Twitter @djkraekrae  

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