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R. Kelly Attempting To Expose Accusers As Liars

The past is the past, yet the scars you leave on others can be everlasting and withstand the test of time way after your glory days, and possibly even after your life. 

R. Kelly has been the focus of much social controversy surrounding the music industry. On January 3rd - 5th, Lifetime released a docu-series titled "Surviving R. Kelly" online. This has dove into the history of the artist as well as the history of those who accuse of many different types of abuse, such as sexual assault and mental abuse.  

As many individuals know, R. Kelly, is still walking around a free man and has made music with some of the top artist of today, like Lady Gaga, Chance The Rapper, and more. 

From a TMZ report on January, 7th at 8:06 am a close source to Kelly says that they are in the works of exposing the "lies" by those who accuse him of wrong doing on a website platform called "survivinglies.com". 

"Sources close to Kelly tell us he and his camp are in the middle of launching a new website called survivinglies.com, which we're told will attempt to expose all of his accusers as liars as well as reveal their true motivations behind their allegations." - TMZ.com 

As of right now there is only a Facebook page dedicated to the cause with 3,137 as of 1:38 P.M. 

What are your thoughts on this situation? 

Do you think R. Kelly is going to be able to prove that his accusers are liars?

Have you watched the docu-series yet? 

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