I am an extreme extrovert, who loves interacting with people and connecting with them on a personal level. My favorite types of content are storytelling, motivational, and informative. I am not a big news person, I am a believer in learning about new things helps stimulate the mind. I do love entertainment media, but I am not into gossip unless it is humorous. Anime and TV shows are my version of sunday night football. I am not into sports at all but I respect those who are. If I am not talking im probably coming up with the best tv series, comedic skit, or podcast idea in my head.My hobbies include listening to music, watching anime and tv, podcasting, writing, storytelling, Essentially everything I do as a career. However, I enjoy experiencing brand new things, I am up for giving anything and everything a shot, like going to new restaurants, lakes, concerts, creative shows like poetry readings, fire spinners etc. I wish I can experience something new like that everyday. My favorite conversations are ones about the individual I am talking to, I got into radio because it gives me an excuse to ask bands and artist personal questions about their lives. I am very spontaneous and will reference vines, old tv shows, and sitcoms at random even though I know nobody has ever seen them.



Oh the struggles of parenting! 

Getting your kids to sit down and eat sucks especially in their early years of understanding how to say no and pout. 

The infamous Christine Teigen has taken parenting to a whole new level, by making her 2 and half year old  a Menu for her to choose from like she is at a restaurant. This is genius but also, SO EXTRA! 

Can we talk about the time and effort she put into this! But I'm gonna go one step further and make it professional! 

Cereal w/ Bananas - The worlds most renowned corn flakes and pops, topped with Caribbean Bananas and mixed with authentic 2% milk (Skim or Almond milk additional $.02) 

Grilled Cheese - Sliced fresh daily cheese on your choice of wheat, rye, or white bread, that accompanies home grown berries from our greenhouse garden. 

Teigonna LOVE THIS CHEESE QUESADILLA - sliced fresh daily cheese with your choice of White, Wheat, Cheddar, Tomato basil, or Guacamole Tortilla, with milked out the cow last week sliced fresh daily cheese, with a scoop of a homemade salsa from a can, and pickles that are by design "fresh". 

Fish Sticks - Four parallel Fish sticks from the Sea of Bengal, with a side of maybe Hilton hotel's finest Brussels sprouts and Broccoli.  

Crispy Chicken Tenders - Crispy Tenders that may be cooked all the way or nah. Fresh Cut Fries, and with your favorite "You Better Eat This Broccoli" on the side.  

Chicken Spaghetti - Chicken, With Spaghetti, and Broccoli (No refunds) 

Boars Head Ham & Cheese Lunables - Cute AF mini ham & cheese sliders with your choice of drink. (Happy Hour specials do not apply) 

There are many videos online that feature the hilarious over reactions of kids being forced to eat vegetables.

I have two nieces who still refuses to eat certain foods and will just not eat, then want to snack heavily later eating all my Pop Tarts. However, i'm not mad.......

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