Santa Con 2018 is here! Today across the country bars are about to get some Christmas cheer with Santa Claus coming to town way ahead schedule. Who can blame him though? I'd be drinking before the holidays to if I had to deliver presents to all the good boys and girls and a coal to naughty kids. 

Santa, Getty Images

Nearby Locations 

Lawrence KS, Dec. 8th

Denver CO, Dec. 8th 

Kansas City MO, Dec. 8th & on Dec. 16th(different link)

St. Louis MO, Dec. 8th 

Colorado Springs CO, Dec. 15th 

For the Full List of Locations Go here!

Unfortunately, Wichita does not have a formal Santa Con coordinated here. However, I wouldn't be surprised if you spot Mr. Claus just chilling at a couple of bars here in town. 

The closest one for today is in Lawrence KS, 

On Dec. 15th, Kansas City MO, will be hosting another Santa Con 2018 as well! 


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