It's that time of year where we all realize how rich we are in love and how broke we are financially. Black Friday gives us the opportunity to shop "cheaper" than any other time of year. Let me insert my multilevel marketing scheme pitch by saying, What if I told you there are ways for you to SAVE even more money on Black Friday Shopping. The best part about this is, I am a not selling you anything nor is this a scam. You ready for my list! Here it is! 


Sign up for emails from the stores you plan on going to

Its super easy and takes a second. 

"But what about the emails! I can't keep receiving so many emails!" 

What about them? Most emails are created to send all company emails to the spam folder, and when the holidays are done just unsubscribe. Keep in mind there are deals and specials year round and it can be beneficial for you to maybe set up an alternative email to house the mass amounts of emails you will be receiving. 

Download the stores APP on your phone

It will take up space but download the app for just the holiday season. Use the email you used for the website and boom. Most places have a promotional special for those that are first timers for downloading the app. (Be aware that not all places allow you to stack discounts, so check the description of the discounts offered). 

Shop with the friend who will talk you out of buying crap you don't need 

That is not your kid that wants to make you happy so they can get Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or the significant other who doesn't want to make you upset and angry by telling you "NO". 

Its that honest friend that will slap you upside the head for going back to your ex again.

Bring them along and i'm sure they will make sure you get only things you need and not want. 


Do not wait till you are at the store to "See what they have". 

You either will waste a lot of money you don't have. or you will waste you do have that you will need later. Honest Truths by Kadrae

Make that list so you know where to go once you get to the store. Once you get all you need, then maybe look around.

Ha! Im kidding! You won't be able to because your friend will slap you upside the head for wasting your money on crap you don't need to buy! 

Any other ideas? Let us know on Twitter @channel963 so we can share it with the world! Enjoy Black Friday and eat some turkey for me! 


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