The Late Late Show with James Corden always makes me laugh. The different segments and skits are just the best! He is also a decent singer and can sing along with some of the greats like Adele, Sia, One Direction, Michelle Obama, and now, Michael Buble! 

Last week, on The Late Late Show, Corden premiered a carpool karaoke skit with Buble. The throwbacks track they were singing were just the best "Haven't Met You Yet" "Everything" and "Its A Beautiful Day". Also they featured his newest track "Love You Anymore" which I was skeptical at first but, once I heard it live, I fell in love with it. 

I have never seen Michael Buble live and it is something that I am kicking myself over! 

If you watch the video you will understand why. Check it out below. 

After watching this video, you probably started tearing up.....#Sorrynotsorry

There is currently controversy stemming from a tweet by Channel 4 that said the following:

“Watching Michael Buble talking about the death of his son from cancer is one of the most heartbreaking things we’ve ever watched. Sending him and his family so much love for telling their story! Please PLEASE keep donating and help us #StandUpToCancer."- Channel 4 Tweet 

Michael Buble's son is NOT dead and is currently still recovering in the hospital. 

Michael Buble's family story is touching to say the least, and cancer is one hell of a disease that has taken way too many from this world. 

reported by Express.co.uk 

"Last night’s Stand Up To Cancer raised a total of £24.6 MILLION for fund cancer research." Thanks to the efforts of multiple celebrities across various platforms!  

- Kadrae

EXTRA POINT: I would gladly go into over draft to buy him a coffee... 

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