Well, I just found a way to ruin your childhood in Four minutes and thirty-four seconds. 

Pokemon was every kids favorite show. Remember Pikachu always going "Pika Pika Pikachu" and playing the card game and the video games. Pokemon was hands down one of my favorite cartoons as a kid. Yet when you think about the show as a whole, its kind of messed up. 

Send your 10-12 years child off on his own, with a creature that has special abilities that they just got. Making them travel by foot around the country to areas they may never have been, to capture animals against their will to train and fight them. These creatures could have families and we will just attack them to the verge of death to be able to capture them and put them in a magical ball they can't get out of(most of the time). Your kid can be attacked, kidnapped, beaten, murdered, or even eaten by some of these creatures and you'd never know.... 

However, as kids we didn't care at all! It looked cool, the Pokemon seemed happy, and were fed often enough from our perspective so it wasn't bad to us. Plus, I really wanted a pikachu!

Thanks to NigaHiga, a famous Youtube Creator and comedian, our childhood has been forever bruised. I may have described it in detail but this man took it to a whole new level and gave us a fake horror movie trailer for a Pokemon live action! Check it out!

I never realized how messed up the show really was, until I saw this....Now, I don't know if I could watch Pokemon: The First Movie again without siding with Mewtwo. 

What did you think of the trailer? Did you laugh or were you terrified? 

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