What an exciting week for Drake! Breaking world records for Top 10 hits in a calendar year and now being co-owner of a brand, in an industry he loves.

We all known Drake loves gaming! He was one of the the main reason that Tyler “Ninja” Blevins was able to break streaming records back in March on FORTNITE 

Now Drake and music industry legend, Scooter Braun have become co-owners of the largest growing esports brand, 100Thieves

In an article by Forbes Scooter Braun explains why he joined this group. 

‘“He has a clear vision for where esports is going and how to build an amazing brand within it, and that’s why I wanted to bet on him and 100 Thieves,” Scooter Braun says. 

100Thieves play League of Legends and so do I. Now I suck...I am Bronze IV for life! But, I could use some help getting out of it. If anybody would like to help add me @ ”Kraegrenade”. I could use all the help I could get! I also Smash from time to time.(Still suck though).

Do you play online games and stream? Are you actually good at it or are you like me and just get by? 

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