Like Superman turning into Clark Kent, Post Malone thinks he is slick. Recently, he pretended to be an employee of a record store and nobody but maybe one person recognized him. To you and I, it is obviously Post Malone but for whatever reason the rest of the world has no idea! Like the Tattoos should easily give it away, but they don't. A little kid said Post Malone was his favorite rapper, but couldn't see past the glasses. After seeing this video I can see why the Superman got away with being Clarke Kent.  

Now, If saw Post Malone in public, my snapchat and Insta Story would be filled with play-by-play photos me faking a selfies just to get a picture of him in the background. I wish I was at the store because I would have said "YEAH!!" to the Free Bentley...or Free Candy...or both.

Would you be able to recognize Post Malone?

Have you ever been by a celebrity and didn't know till it was too late? 

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