Dragon Ball Super Movie: Broly - Eng. Dub Trailer

4 yr old me, who used to go into the basement and scream so loud that I almost passed out, would be so happy right now! However, 25 yr old me won't hesitate to tell little me to shut up as I watch this trailer. 25 yr old me will also "Kamehameha" anybody(even 4 yr old me) that talks during the premiere 

This Trailer has me so excited. They are experimenting with a new animation style that took a second to get used to, but I am now obsessed with. Also, we see a glimpse of the past with King Vegeta, Frieza, Broly's and Goku's parents, including Goku's mother. Who we have never seen in an episode of the animated series. This is a new story that is believed to take place after the tournament of power, where Broly, "the Legendary Super Saiyan" decends upon killing Goku for reasons unkown. There is speculation that it is a similar story line to the original "Broly" trilogy. However, there is no way to really know until it is released in the USA & Canada in January 2019.

Check out the Trailer Below:


Dragon Ball Super(DBS) just finished its most recent arc of the Tournament of Power in Japan, and is only just starting it up in the states. The Dragon Ball franchise is a manga adaptation that began to air episodes in 1986 in Japan. The series in 1999 with Dragon Ball GT. When the series was complete it continued on being remastered and dubbed for the U.S/Canada. After multiple remastered versions on Cartoon Network, Toonami, and Nickelodeon, Akira Toriyma relaunched the franchise and created a new series, Dragon Ball Super, that completely erases the disaster of that is known as "GT". 


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