I am an extreme extrovert, who loves interacting with people and connecting with them on a personal level. My favorite types of content are storytelling, motivational, and informative. I am not a big news person, I am a believer in learning about new things helps stimulate the mind. I do love entertainment media, but I am not into gossip unless it is humorous. Anime and TV shows are my version of sunday night football. I am not into sports at all but I respect those who are. If I am not talking im probably coming up with the best tv series, comedic skit, or podcast idea in my head.My hobbies include listening to music, watching anime and tv, podcasting, writing, storytelling, Essentially everything I do as a career. However, I enjoy experiencing brand new things, I am up for giving anything and everything a shot, like going to new restaurants, lakes, concerts, creative shows like poetry readings, fire spinners etc. I wish I can experience something new like that everyday. My favorite conversations are ones about the individual I am talking to, I got into radio because it gives me an excuse to ask bands and artist personal questions about their lives. I am very spontaneous and will reference vines, old tv shows, and sitcoms at random even though I know nobody has ever seen them.


Tarot Card Reading W/ Lauren Milici (Podcast)

Once you go Viral, there is no going back! That moment your phone begins to blow up from everybody liking/RT your clever Tweet that you spent days working on is like a drug. Especially when Buzzfeed writes a story over it!

You begin to realize that this is your moment to shine. So, you either promote your Instagram page to hopefully become a brand ambassador or your Soundcloud in hopes your mixtape takes off. However, for Lauren Milici, being clever and funny comes naturally, and she promotes something else instead of her other social media accounts. She promotes her Tarot Card Reading Services. 

This was probably the best self promo I have ever seen! Naturally, I had to DM her and get a Tarot Reading. During the reading I was able to get to know Milici a lot better. 

She has been doing Tarot Card readings since she was in her early teens. Even though she dabbles in a little bit of everything that deals with magic, she believes she has a deep connection with Tarot and being able to help guide others to a happier life is something she enjoys. 

For this podcast, Milici did a basic Past, Present, and Future reading... 


I was ecstatic about my reading. I honestly thought it would be terrible because of the issues I have been dealing with mentally. I really hope that the love of my life is somebody I can hopefully get married to. Even though I want a dog, I would prefer to find human love first, preferably with a stable income and a 401k plan already set up. 

Thanks Lauren!!! Let's Stay Connected!! 

Poet, Podcaster, Professor, Master's Student, Twitter Sensation, and Tarot Card Reader Lauren Milici

Lauren Milici: https://laurenemilici.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/motelsiren 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/motelsiren/ 

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