Henry Cavill Responds To Superman Depature

I am surprised the creative team for the DCEU haven't collectively pulled a 2008 Brittney Spears. With all these changes with directors, writers, actors, and movies in development, I wouldn't hold it against them for shaving their heads and destroying a car. 

Although frustrating, we have to remember that the DCEU is extremely complex and unlike Marvel, DC owns all of its properties, so there is a lot more to work with. Also, with their 50/50 track record, decisions need to be carefully thought out. 

Yesterday, Henry Cavill was reported to have left his role as Superman because of scheduling conflicts for his cameo in Shazam. Leaving Justice League Part  2, Man of Steel 2, and other potential movies on hold. This scared comic book fans who were finally wanting to give the DCEU a chance after the the success of "Wonder Woman" with Gal Gadot. Despite the pressing rumors, Warner Bros and Cavill have yet to officially say that his role in the DCEU is done for. 

Late Yesterday, Henry Cavill took to his Instagram and created a video in response to the rumors but it says absolutely nothing!!!! 


I have no what he is trying to say! However, this does give me hope that he is not leaving the role. DCEU creative team and directors have already discussed how they believe some of their earlier properties could have been done better. Rumoring a potential reset to some of the franchises or even the whole DCEU. 

Only time will actually tell if anything will come of this. I will be sure to keep you posted on the developments around the DCEU. See ya! 

- Kadrae 

P.S. Pick up your trash when leaving the movie theater....ya nasty...


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