Henry Cavill Will No Longer Be Superman...Maybe...

Superman: Dawn of Justice

Okay, Im done! Earlier today, ComicBook.com reported that Henry Cavill is exiting from his role as Superman in the DCU(DC Universe). This came as a huge surprise since Warner Bros. had only recently came out with Justice League Part 1 last year. Yet, after being apart of 3 featured films in the DCU Cavill may be calling it quits.

Rumor has it that since we was casted as the lead for Netflix's, video game to movie adaptation of "Witcher". A popular game based in medieval times, in a world of magic and monsters. 

However, Cavill may not be done yet, not long ago(11:45pm U.S. Central Time), Cavill's manager tweeted this!


Okay, what the heck does this even mean? Is he still going to do this or not?! Answer us! 

I do actually enjoy Cavill in the role of Superman. I believe his acting style and talents are perfect for the role. Yet, by DC not having their stuff together, things will keep getting worse for the DCU. 

Currently in the DCU, we have: 

Man of Steel - Superman Solo

Dawn of Justice - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman

Suicide Squad - Harley Quinn, The Joker, Deadshot, Cap. Boomerrang, Cap. Cold, Katana, etc. 

Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman

Justice League Part 1: Wonder Woman, Batman, Cyborg, Superman, Aqua man, The Flash, etc. 

There can only be one way for DC to reboot properly, and ill explain it in my next blog tomorrow! See you then :). 

Who do you think played their role the best? Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Ben Affleck as Batman, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn,  or Henry Cavill as Superman


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