Workout and Win Cash with the You Look Great Challenge!

My friends, who have a radio show in Seattle, launched their You Look Great Challenge and I decided to join this year! If one of your resolutions is to lose weight, or be more active, this will be a little extra motivation for you! Get all the info and read more from below!


This is our third time doing The You Look Great Challenge and we've had a blast doing it every time. Together everyone joins in to get healthier and win money! Throughout the entire challenge it's important to remember that NO MATTER what, YOU LOOK GREAT!
We use the Diet Bet app. Each user signs up in the app for $10. The goal is to lose 4% of your body weight within four weeks. Achieve the goal and you'll win your $10 back at the very least. Unfortunately for them, some people don't hit their goal and their money get dispersed amongst those who have hit their goal. Last time we did this our pot was over $4,000!
We are kicking off on January 7th and you will need to weigh-in before the 7th. The DietBet app will notify you when it's time to weigh-in. **Warning - when paying the app has a membership charge automatically checked off for $5 per month, uncheck it if you don't want a DietBet membership.*
You're most likely kicking your health into high-gear for the new year, you might as well win some money for your hard work!
- The Carla Marie and Anthony Show


You Look Great Challenge
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