Three Must Watch Netflix Christmas Movies

Netflix has been awesome at releasing original Christmas movies the last few years, and they stepped it up even more for 2019! My wife are big fans of the cheesy, romantic, Halmark-ish movies, and Netflix knows the formula!

If those are the movies you love, than you've got to watch The Knight Before Christmas! It stars Vanessa Hudgens, who also starred in Netflix's 2018 movie The Princess Switch, which is also a must watch!

The next movie on the list is Holly Star. I honestly didn't have high hopes for this one...we just had it on our list of movies to watch as a filler. But my wife and I were pleasantly surprised, and laughing hysterically! I'll give it a 6/10 for the story, but 10/10 for the comedy. The co-star/best friend gives some Melissa McCarthy vibes and will have you cracking up!

Finally, we have Klaus, which is essentially a Santa Claus origin story...and it's amazing!! I'm surprised that this wasn't a Pixar movie. I honestly teared up a few times...I'm a notorious movie crier and I'm not ashamed. I will be watching this movie every year, and I'm looking forward to watching it again this year with my nieces and nephews!

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