Dave & Busters in Wichita: More News

Dave & Buster's is a restaurant many people have been wanting to see in Wichita. At last, it's on its way.The company confirms a location will be going in at Greenwich Plaza, at K-96 and Greenwich.

 "I really like the development," said Wichitan James Fast. "They've taken some ground that was pretty much unused and was an eyesore. They've developed it into some really nice stores.

" Right now, fans of Dave & Buster's have to travel to Kansas City or Overland Park. Emily Smith was just there. "I went there for the first time this weekend and it was a pretty cool experience," she said. "Coming back and knowing that Wichita is going to get one, it's a good thing for the community. While the city continues to expand, Wichitans are still hoping to see other national chain favorites brought in. 

"Top Golf. Top  Golf for sure," Jordan Wolf said. "I love golf. I hear people go to Kansas City and they love that.""I've heard the Cheesecake Factory. I just went there the other day and that would be fun to see," Smith said. "I think it would bring in a lot of people as well."For those of you excited about Dave & Buster's, you're going to have to wait. The company expects it to be completed by September of next year. 

David Kane

David Kane

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