Shazam! Teaser Trailer


Wow...what has become of the DCU? I loved Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman is a lot better once you see the directors cut...Suicide Squad was very "ok" and then DC dropped the gem Wonder Woman and the DCU was saved!

I liked the direction Zack Snyder was going and I understood what people did not like about how "dark" the DCU was but when Justice League was ripped apart by WB's we never got a chance to see what Zack was building too.

Should super hero movies be fun and funny? Yes sure..look at the MCU. This Shazam trailer looks fun and funny...but does it belong in the same universe as the rest of the DCU? With the exception of Justice League the DCU had a direction. 

I think it could work, my problem is, there was so much lost when WB's gutted Justice League that everything afterward will always create a "what if" 

David Kane

David Kane

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