It's National Bird Day! Here Are 5 of the Most Terrifying Birds

It's National Bird Day.

Some people may find this to be somewhat trivial, but I despise birds. Let me preface by saying, I don't wish any harm to birds. I'm an animal lover and even though birds terrify me to my core, I would never wish an animal any harm.

Throughout my childhood and adult life, I have always managed to encounter near-death experiences (not really) with birds. Pigeons, crows, geese, ostriches, emus, parakeets, storks, you name it, I've probably had a run-in with it.

Even with the mentioned birds above, there are several birds that strike fear to my core. If birds freak you out as much as they do me, I suggest leaving now. Save yourself the nightmares. You've been warned!

First, we'll start with the bringer of nightmares:

1.) Great Potoo

I have no idea what this bird is other than the fact it chills me to the bone whenever I see it. It looks as though it could steal your soul with just once glance into its massive eyes.

If you want to know more accurate info on the Great Potoo, watch the following video:

Next on the list

2.) Southern Cassowary


Photo: Getty Images

You might be thinking, "What an interesting bird. I wonder where it came from?" And I would tell you from the core of the earth where it hid as the rest of the dinosaurs met their doom. In all seriousness, I have no clue where they're from, but the video below will be able to tell you.

Oh, and according to, they can actually disembowel you with their talons.

The fear continues with

3.) Dalmatian Pelican

You might be thinking, "So, it's just a pelican." Ok, yeah, but have you seen them eat a duck...ALIVE!?!?

I rest my case.

Wait! There's more!

4.) Marabou stork


Photo: Getty Images

This bird is as ancient as time. Don't quote me on that. But it certainly looks that way. It's hard for me to trust a bird that's almost as tall as me. If you want to know more about the Marabou Stork, check out the video below.

Finally. To think that we share a planet with this creature makes me question everything in life. Like what was our creator thinking?!

5.) Shoebill Stork


Photo: Getty Images

They say these birds are docile, but I personally think they're just quietly planning our demise. Oh, and get this: in order for it to "accept" you, you must bow and mimick its movements. Then you hope for the best. It also makes this noise with its beak that makes you want to drop and hit the floor.

For more accurate info on the Shoebill Stork, check out the video below.

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