It's TikToK Tuesday!

It's TikTok Tuesday!

I have selected my favorite TikTok videos this week! We all need a little more joy in the world right now, so I hope you find them as entertaining as I do.

Bohemian Trapsody: @paramind creates a parody of the novel Corona Virus to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

Bohemian Trapsody

Good Karma Chameleon: Watch @lyfeillustration and her chameleon Cyrus create something beautiful for the world.

Good Karma Chameleon

Welcome To The S#!* Show: @hayleyanderson44 asks her son to hand her some toilet paper and then it takes off from there.

Welcome To The S#!* Show

Will The Real M&M Please Stand Up: @brittany_broski shows responds to a comment about her resembling the yellow M&M character.

Will The Real M&M Please Stand Up