Local Wichita Businesses Need Your Help

Many of us have seen the desperation of local business and it truly breaks my heart. Imagine something you created, built, and invested years of hard work, slowly drifting away. My heart goes out all our local business and I created this article of some local business you can help out during this time.

Here's just a few of my favorite places. Please consider supporting these local treasures, whether it's by purchasing goods and services, tipping, purchasing gift cards for later use, sharing their business through social media or volunteering. Most if not all, are extremely accommodating during this time.


Meddy's - Meddy's workers are donating time and money to make food for hungry school kids. They're helping our community. Let's help them too.

Coffee Shops

Leslie Coffee Co.

Local Roasters Coffee

Senior Services

Meals on Wheels to continue for Seniors : https://www.kmuw.org/post/look-out-our-seniors-amid-covid-19-concerns-wichita-meals-wheels-continues-deliveries

Volunteer to drive for Senior Services “Meals on Wheels”: https://seniorservicesofwichita.org/volunteer/


Everyday Beaut


Wichita Libraries offering ebooks and audiobooks free online: https://wichitaonthecheap.com/wichita-public-library-offers-ebooks-and-audiobooks-online-for-free/

Watermark Books & Cafe


For a more completed list, check out this list from ICT Response.