Wichita Wonders: Blackhart's Magic Theatre & Shop

This past Saturday, I ventured Downtown Wichita and was introduced to this awesome magic shop & theater called, Blackhart's Magic Theatre & Shop!

My mom had been actually raving about this place for a while, so she took me down to 1520 E. Douglas #200, Wichita, KS 67214 to check it out. As you walk into the shop, you can't help but notice their wall filled with posters of great magicians throughout time. The shop features magic supplies for all age levels, gag joke items, and concessions for their weekly theater shows.

We attended the Saturday night show featuring Magician Extraordinaire, Doc Docherty. According to their website, "Doc Docherty is one of America's foremost sleight of hand artists and teachers of the Art of Magic. We are honored to have Doc in Wichita for 3 shows as he travels across the United States amazing and astounding audiences with his latest magical creations!"

My mother and I had so much fun and it seemed so did everyone else who attended! I highly recommend checking Blackhart's out! I feel you will not be disappointed. Their theater can fit up too 100 people and is perfect for people of all ages.

Below are photos from the weekend long show. You can even catch me in a few!

Want more info on Blackhart's Magic Theater & Shop?

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Blackhart's Magic Theater & Shop Facebook Page

Blackhart's Magic Theater & Shop Instagram Page

If you decided to pop in, I hope you and yours have a magical time! 🃏