Sneak Peek: New Wichita Trader Joe's

Tomorrow is the big day for Wichitans and the new Trader Joe's opening in Bradley Fair. The new Trader Joe's will open Friday, October 11 at 9 AM.

I know most people don't see the excitement of a new grocery store, but my family and I always shopped at Trader Joe's when we lived near one, and my favorite things about them are their snack items and great prices. You can find some of the most interesting and delicious snacks at Trader Joe's and the prices are very affordable.

The one thing I really enjoyed about the new store is the sense of local even though they are a chain. They did a great job of implementing iconic scenery that I think all Wichitans will appreciate. Check out the photos below for examples.

Check them out tomorrow or any day after at 1800 N. Rock Road Wichita, KS 67206. If it's your first time going into a Trader Joe's, let me know what you thought!

Web Girl Chelsea

Web Girl Chelsea

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