The 'One Chip Challenge' Is Back and It's Even Hotter!

If you remember a couple years ago, there was a food challenge going around called the "One Chip Challenge." The challenge was to eat just one really hot chip by tortilla chip makers, Paqui and post the video of you eating the chip using the hashtag, #OneChipChallenge. Even our Promotions Director Marco tried it. You can see how that went in the video below.

According to Paqui's website, "The #OneChipChallenge is back and the new, hotter-than-hell chip looks as deadly as it tastes. This year’s version contains a blue corn chip dipped in an intense amount of black seasoning made with the infamous Carolina Reaper Pepper, certified by the Guinness World Records as the world’s hottest chili pepper."

If you think you have what it takes, you can purchase the one chip for $6.99 or have some fun with friends and purchase a 10-pack of the one chip for $59.90.

Looks like Marco is going to have to try this one now.

Below is a video of the first time he tried the Paqui One Chip Challenge.

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