French's Makes Mustard Ice Cream

Photo: French's

It's 2019 and French's has officially made an unthinkable food combination. Mustard and ice cream.

While I am completely disgusted by the idea of this, I am also curious to how it tastes. This is exactly what French's was going for.

According to, "French’s, America’s largest manufacturer of mustard, has teamed up with L.A.-based ice cream company Coolhaus to create a product hybrid that is high in shock value."

Well French's, you did it. I am shocked.

Unfortunately, Wichita won't be able to try this mustard ice cream since it will only be available at the Coolhaus based in Los Angeles and New York.

But if your curious as to its taste, the staff at got to try it and described it as follows:

"The initial flavor you experience is not mustard, but sweet hints of cotton candy and bubble gum ice cream. Once you get to bites two or three, though, it really hits you: that unmistakable tang that makes you want a hot dog real bad."

After that desciption, sign me up.

What about you? Would you try French's Mustard Ice Cream?

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