Shade of Thrones: Best Quotes from Season 8 Episode 1 of GOT


Games Of Thrones is back! Sunday night's episode was the beginning of the end. After this season GOT will be no more! Which means A LOT of people are going to die.

One of my favorite things about Game Of Thrones isn't just the amazing cast or story line, but the SHADE (insults) that are thrown around like candy. I don't think any other show I have watched has such a sophisticated way of insulting someone like this show does.

Below is a list of the shade that was thrown on Season 8 Episode 1.


This first quote was by far my FAV of the night. BUT FIRST, context.

Context: After Euron Greyjoy returned to Cersei and acquired most of her wishes (except the elephants), he made it know to Cersei that he upheld his part of the bargain and she needed to uphold her's as well. Her response was as follows:

"If you want a whore, buy her. If you want a queen, earn her." - Queen Cersei

I'll just be over here sippin' and taking notes.


Quote 2

Context: After what seemed like forever, Arya found Gendry making weapons to prepare for the war. She greets him by complementing his craftsmanship and he returns with his own complement to Arya.

Arya: "You're better."

Gendry: (Looking her up and down nervously) "So are you, I mean..."

Something tells me show knows she bad.


Quote 3

Context: Daenerys knows that Sansa is not too keen with her and the fact that Jon bent the knee for her. Sansa makes a point on how to they feed all the armies settling into Winterfell, let alone Daenerys' Dragons.

Sansa: "What do Dragons eat, anyway?"

Daenerys: "Whatever they want."



Quote 4

Context: Sansa and Tyrion meet for the first time since Joffrey's wedding.

Tyrion: “The last time we spoke was at Joffrey’s wedding. A miserable affair.”

Sansa: “It had its moments.”

Too soon?


Quote 5

Context: Arya and Jon reunite.


Jon: “You still have it.”

Arya: “Needle.”

Jon: “Have you ever used it?”

Arya: “Once or twice.”

Umm...Ok sure.

Quote 6

Context: Theon saves his sister, Yara and declares he will fight for her. She can tell he really wants to fight for the Starks.

Yara: “What is dead may never die… but kill the bastards anyway.”

Something I think we all can agree upon.


Quote 7

Another FAV!

Context: Jon is considering riding a dragon.

Jon: “I don’t know how to ride a dragon.”

Daenerys: “Nobody does, until they ride a dragon.”

Jon: “What if he doesn’t want me to?”

Daenerys: “Then I’ve enjoyed your company, Jon Snow.”

You know nothing, Jon Snow.


Quote 8

Context: Arya reunites with The Hound

The Hound: You left me to die.”

Arya: “First, I robbed you.”

At least she's accurate.


Quote 9

Context: Dolorous Edd is frightened at the sight of Tormund, thinking he has been turned into a White Walker. Tormund responds.

Dolorous Edd: "Stay back, he’s got blue eyes!”

Tormund: “I’ve always had blue eyes!”

They are pretty blue.


That's it for this week's blog of Shade of Thrones! If I missed any that were your favorites, let me know in the comments!

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