Maddox Jolie-Pitt Made Made A Comment About Relationship With Brad Pitt

Though Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have done their best to keep their six kids out of the public eye, Maddox Jolie-Pitt is now a college student living on his own in South Korea. The 18-year-old had a run in with the paparazzi a few days ago and without mom around to keep them at bay, Maddox ended up answering some questions about his family, including about his reportedly strained relationship with his dad.

The paparazzi video, which was obtained by InTouch, shows Maddox fielding questions about Brad. When asked if he thinks his dad will visiting him on the Yonsei University campus, Maddox says, “Um, I don’t know about that … what’s happening.” He was then asked if his relationship with Brad is over, Maddox said "well, whatever happens, happens."

Maddox's surprising comments about his relationship with his dad comes a few weeks after Us Weekly reported he "doesn't really see himself as Brad's son." According to the report. Angelina and Brad's oldest child refused to go to his dad's house for Christmas last year with the rest of his siblings. Though his relationship with his dad is strained, Maddox is reportedly quite close with his mom.

Brad and Angelina split following an alleged "altercation" between Brad and Maddox on a private jet back in 2016. Though the FBI and Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services opened an investigation and cleared Brad of any wrongdoing, the incident appears to be what drove a wedge between father and son. Since then, Maddox has reportedly had some "simmering resentment" against Brad. His dad, on the other hand, is said to remain hopeful that he and Maddox will grow close again as Maddox gets older.

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